Belle Plaine - Two for the Road Tour Poster

Belle Plaine came with a loose concept: show the slightly chaotic experience of a cross-Canada tour. Belle and her bass player Elizabeth, fill a car with instruments (including a double bass), gear, and suitcases. With barely enough room for themselves, they hit the road. As I started sketching and thinking about the design and concept, rather than drawing the car, I thought the poster could represent the vehicle. Filled with stuff, but also looking outward; experiencing all the things we see and do when travelling cross-country — wildlife, coffee, radio, greasy diners, the foliage, weather, etc. Because this poster will be used at different venues across the country, we needed to have a way to easily plug in details ourselves, or let the venue hand-write them in. However, we didn't want one big blank area for venue owners to customize. We wanted something a bit more subtle and thoughtful. We think the solution turned out pretty well.

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